Coffee Runs & Maxi Skirts

Coffee Runs and maxi skirts 2

Even if you love what you do, days off are beautiful things. Monday the store is closed and I was able to enjoy a fun day on Folly shooting this very casual outfit post and enjoying a magical frozen screwdriver with my friend and photographer Emily. I paired Dandy Boutique’s gray maxi with this fun surfer tee from McKevlins. It was the perfect casual outfit and later that night I threw on a black tank added some heels and had the perfect outfit for sushi night with friends!

Coffee Runs and maxi skirts 4Coffee Runs and maxi skirts 7coffe runCoffee Runs and maxi skirts 6

Maxi Skirt: Dandy Boutique (In store)

Tank Top: McKevlins Surf Shop (In store)

Shoes: Target

Bracelets: World MarketĀ 

Ring: Dandy Boutique-JK Designs

Necklace: Dandy Boutique (In store)

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Coffe Runs and Maxi Skirts

After way to much coffee I made my way home and being cursed with a type A personality I started cleaning the house. I guess its all all about balance, a little fun a little responsibility, makes for a very productive day off.


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